About Shiwa

Born like a meme. Become the King of both Ethereum Chains.

SHIWA is a true decentralized utility meme token. Our mission is to empower the community via the Dao governance, We are a constantly evolving decentralised ecosystem that puts its destiny in the hands of its holders. SHIWA is a token that combines the power of a Wolf meme with real utility in the blockchain, including NFT Collections, Web3 Marketplace & DAO Governance utility. Our goal is a honourable one, we want to improve transparency, honour, trust & success in the cryptocurrency industry thus making SHIWA a safe haven for all our investors!.

Strong Holder Army

Shiwa started as a Cryptocurrency on the Ethereum POW Chain, Our mission is simple, but our ambition is fare reaching. We aim to provide not only high quality defi solutions and products aim to maximize the enernomous potential of the blockchain, but we also wish to give back in the process, by providing passive income to holders and building one of the strongest ecosystems on the Etherium blockchain. The Shiwa token is currently live on both the ETHW and Ethereum mainnet.


BuyBack between Ethereum Chains

One of our core focus is to simultaneously develop both sides of the chains of Shiwa token, you will be delighted to know that with every purchase and sale of SHIWA on the Etherium chain, we have reserved a dedicated wallet that accumulates ETH.

With the funds within this wallet, we will have the ability to buy SHIWA and subsequently utilize these funds for the buy-backs of the Shiwa tokens on the ETHW chain in order to have a rising steady floor between these two chains.

Dapps, DAO and Pools

DAO-enabled platform to implement a reward system based on each user's vote or action. SHIWA can provide a fully transparent and fair returns to all users. SHIWA can help to transform the structure of a company (small or large), by giving back decision making powers and responsibilities to the communities. Our goal is to provide a new democratic process through a 100% decentralized governance.

This will increase our liquidity and increase the value as well as the stability of SHIWA. This will benefit the community and empower investors who have put their trust in the project. Thanks to the support of UNIWSwap, we have been one of the first successful launchpools of the platform! Due to this tremendous success, the team is still working to offer proprietary pools that will bring you juicy passive income by providing liquidity.


Investors' security is at the forefront of the Shiwa Ecosystem, we are extremely dedicated to ensure every member of the community is protected. We have carried out extensive ways of safeguarding our community within the defi space. Firstly, the liquidity has been completely locked and the contract has been audited by an external party.

In addition to this, the lead developer of the project has completed KYC & DOXXED himself several times on live VC. He has also undergone security checks with various companies in hope of giving the community the uttermost assurance of security and peace of mind on their investments. We are Oficially listed and verified by UNIWSWAP in ETHW Chain.
shiwa uniwswap uniwswap
V2 Report KYC/DOX Report NFT Audit NFT Stake Audit DAO Audit V2 ETH Locked Liquidity 2Y ETH Classic Locked Liquidity 2Y ETHW Locked Liquidity 1Y

Buy & Sell Tax

Shiwa Buy Tax is 4% of each buy transaction.
- Dynamic Rewards for holders / Pool development / Marketing: 4%

Shiwa Sell Tax is 4%. Max Tax only can be setted up to 7% and can be decreased to 0% at special moments.
- Dynamic Rewards for holders / Future developments / Marketing: 4%


Massive Marketing Plan

As we care and value our community, a percentage of every buy and sell is allocated to the Marketing wallet in ETH for the consistent development of the project, and the constant execution of world class marketing. Our team have implemented a way of converting these funds to ETH in real-time to avoid enormous dumps which safeguards the Shiwa project investors.

Here at Shiwa, investors are highly and extremely valued. We put them first through out our decision making process.
With the trust of the community, we will have the power to fuel our most ambitious development for Shiwa, offering cutting edge Defi solutions and services that will further drive huge rewards for the community in the long run, as these developments guaranteed an ever growing project, that would keep expanding and edge its way into becoming one of the most sought out Defi projects to launch on the Etherium Chain.

Shiwa Tokenomics

Fair Launched, Two Chains. Version 2 Alive

Started with Fair Launch in Ethereum POW and Ethereum Mainnet without any Private Sale, Whitelist Sale or Reserved Tokens. Now Shiwa V2 Available. Old Shiwa Classic and legacy still alive but discontinued


Shiwa Token





Total Supply

1000 T

Buy Taxes


Sell Taxes


Shiwa Roadmap

We are future focused!

Looking forward, we have big plans to become a recognised player in and outside of the crypto space, we plan on not only delivering a solid token built from the ground up,
but also a token where you will always feel valued as a community member and never have to worry about safety because that comes as standard here.

Shiwa History

SHIWA is a solution for both the present challenges and the rising future ones that Defi has endud for so long, one of which is safety. Using the SHIWA Wolf as its Mascot, the SHIWA token is solving these challenges NOW in the most pragmatic and ingenious ways, by riding of the hype of a Meme token and combining this with real blockchain utilities such as NFT collections, Web3 marketplace and Governance DAO Options. These carefully thought-out processes is planned to ensure investors enjoy all the advantages of decentralized governance and end organizational hierarchy. Our goal is to improve transparency and automation, thereby evolving the SHIWA ARMY into one unified Family on bothe the Ethereum and Ethereum POW chains where all users can actively decide, vote, earn and contribute to the management and growth of SHIWA.

Download Shiwa 2023 Roadmap

Phase 1 (Q3 2022)

■ Fair Launch in ETH and ETHW ✔️
■ Website & Social Media Release ✔️
■ Contract Audit and KYC ✔️
■ Telegram, Twitter & Youtube Marketing ✔️
■ Shiwa Unique NFT Collection ✔️
■ DAO Dapp deployment ✔️

Phase 2 (Q4 2022)

■ CG/CMC listings ✔️
■ Aggressive Marketing Rollout ✔️
■ Solid Partnerships ✔️
■ Expanding the Dapp Utilities crosschain

Phase 3 (Q4 2022)

■ Dapps Design planning ✔️
■ CEX Listings (coinsbit) ✔️
■ Major Partnerships ✔️
■ Shiwa Dapp ✔️

Phase 4 (2023)

■ NFT Collection Release ✔️
■ Updated Roadmap ✔️

Earn Shiwa and collect NFTs

First NFT Collection Mint & Stake

Since the beginning of Shiwa we always wanted to give a real utility
to our king of the two Ethereums. Now the time has come. Join the whitelist to get the first of the NFT SHIWA collections. Now you can stake your NFTs to earn more SHIWA Tokens in EThereum


Whitelist & Public Mint

■ The whitelist last phase has been successfully completed.
■ The public sale is now live at NFT Sale link in the header menu of this page.

Stake to earn

■ Stake your NFT's into our Stake Dapp to earn dynamic shiwas at the end of locktime. Check it now in the header menu!

Shiwa Team

Experienced, Talented and Creative!

The Team at Shiwa are very experienced and diverse,
with some of the brightest minds in the blockchain space. By blending the expertise of our investment team, marketing team, moderators and developers, we have built an exclusive cryptocurrency for the community. Shiwa positions itself as a solid ecosystem in the crypto space. For this reason, and the care and value we have for the community; we are relentless and are aggressivey pursing our project development goals.


Team & Dedicated People


Core & Marketing Team


Combined Years of Experience


Contact Shiwa Team

Got questions or inquiries? We are happy to help! You can connect with us live to get on the spot responses to questions or concerns via our Telegram group, Twitter or by sending us a direct email here at: [email protected]